The Price


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It was the summer period, Joshua and Kemi had planned their first year anniversary on a one week vacation to Dubai; their first wedding year anniversary was only two days away- the 25th of August.

They had dated for six years before finally getting married in grand style. They are often called ‘The chosen couple’ amongst their family and friends; till now they are one hell of a happy couple.

 August 23rd

She was in her sleeping robe browsing on the internet on her Ipad. Joshua was shaving for the night in the bathroom.

“Josh check out this house!”

“I’m shaving” His voice echoed from the bathroom

“You just have to see this!” She jumped down from the bed with the ipad in her hands and headed for the bathroom

“Had better be worth it” Josh smirked and dropped the shaving stick

She excitedly showed him the ipad.

“Goodness!” He quickly snatched the ipad from her and headed for the bed, “This is what I’m talking about babe.”

“I knew you’d love!” she sat on his laps as they both viewed the nicely constructed mansion

“Would this be our house in a couple of years?” Kemi looked into her husband’s eyes.

Josh gently stroked her hair softly, looking deep into her eyes, “I already have something more than a house”

“Hmmmm what?” Kemi rolled her eyes now

“You…with you I have a home” He smiled now admiring his wife’s beauty.

“Aww! You know I love you right? Like pieces.” She held his face now, still on his lap.

“I know” He leaned forward now.

They kissed passionately; Kemi slowly took the ipad from his hands and placed it on the bed’s nearby drawer and kissed her husband deeper. Soon, her robe slid to the floor…

 August 24th

They were at Jebel Ali beach. Kemi was on a nice orange bum short and white tan top while Josh felt comfortable in his shorts and bare chest that exposed the chain Kemi had given to him about four years ago. He never took it off. They were under a small tent; Kemi sat opposite him while they ate ham and orange juice.

“So tell me, what do you like about Dubai?” Josh asked

“Everything but the Sun. You can have the last ham, I’m so full.”

“Babe, how have I fared so far as your husband? Our big day is tomorrow”

Kemi smiled, “Horrible. You’re just horrible at being a bad husband; you’ve been good to me Josh. I’ve literarily felt like we’ve been married since the day we started dating. Maybe it’s just me but I actually and honestly do think I have the best husband on earth, like seriously.”

Josh smiled too, “Ok enough of the good side. Tell me where I’m the bad guy”

“Apart from our little fights and the fact that you annoyingly procastinate things, I’m good.” Kemi said, sipping her juice.

“Well no relationship is perfect, I guess arguments are welcome. As for me, I think that you should actually learn to weigh other people’s opinions and not be so stubborn. Asides that, you are an amazing woman, my hommie for life.” He winked at her and took a big bite of ham while Kemi chuckled.

August 25th

Kemi and Josh had hired a cab to drive them to a Chinese restaurant; it was their wedding anniversary. They both sat at the back of the cab, kemi resting on her husband’s chest while Josh just toyed with her hands.

“Your hands are sweaty” Josh said

“It feels like the first time Josh…it’s been seven years with you and each time we have a date, I still have butterflies and sweaty palms…” She looked up at him

There was a loud screeching sound. They both panicked as the truck coming in front of their cab in full speed looked like it had lost its brake.

It was too late to swerve and in seconds, the cab was crushed…


 It’s been eight months after the accident. Kemi trudged slowly to the room and sat down beside her husband who lay helpless on the bed. They were back to Nigeria.

“I need to use the toilet…” Josh stuttered in his speech.

Kemi could feel the burning tears about to erupt. Josh was paralyzed in his arms and legs and she’d have to support him while he used the toilet…if she left him, he’d fall to the floor helpless.

Kemi gently lifted him from the bed  to the will chair toilet. Josh couldn’t help but cry…

“I’m s..s..sorry” he stuttered again as Kemi struggled to help him in a comfortable position

She gently lay him back on the bed after she had cleaned him up.

“I’m s…s…sorry” He stuttered again, crying as he observed how drained his once beautiful wife looked. She had grown so lean and they hardly spoke to each other.

“Josh…” Kemi burst out in tears, “I can’t do this anymore….I’m sorry. I cannot live seeing you this way…this is not the life I chose.”

“Th…the only reason …I’m alive is because …y…you are here. If you go, I’m…I’m going to die.” The tears poured more now down his cheeks.

Kemi cried harder.

“Please…” Josh begged, “Y…you said nothing will come between us”

“How do you expect me to live this way? You can’t touch me…you can’t do anything on your own anymore. I’m living my life for you Josh…” She cried

Josh tried to move, he struggled. “If you were me…I’ll be by your side…you know that…I even shielded you in the car.”

“I’m sorry Josh,” she gently removed the wedding ring and placed it on the bed, “You have a loving family who will help you always. I’m losing my mind…I just need to breathe again.”

“W…without me?” Josh cried

“I’d try” she placed a soft kiss on his head and left the room.

She had called Josh’s sister to take over.


“Mom why would life be so unfair? I have never imagined my life without Josh…I miss him so much mom. I miss my Josh” She cried in her mother’s arms.

It’s been three weeks since she left Josh.

“Let me show you something I love to watch”

Her mother stood to slot a cd into the DVD and It began to play.

“No…” Kemi fell to the floor very weak.

It was she and Josh dancing really hard on their wedding day. She cried as she saw her once agile Josh, his once happy smile and their once burning love.

Her mother paused the video now…

“Baby, Josh wanted to give you the best in life. As your mother, I know that man loves you more than his own life. What happened to him could have been you. Now imagine if he walked out on you? What then is the essence of this so called love you have been thriving on all these years?” Her mother tried not to cry as she stood by the plasma TV.

“Mom, do you understand what you’re saying? He can’t move on his own! I would give up my remaining years living for him…this is hard mom, I have never felt pain this much mom. I wish we both died…I wish mom…” she broke down completely.

Kemi’s mother gently sat on the floor with her daughter and took her in her arms.

“Baby, do you love his body or do you love the soul within?”

“I’m carrying his baby mom…I’m eight weeks pregnant.”


Three months after

Kemi rushed into the compound. She couldn’t wait to tell Josh how much she’d missed him and would always be there for him! She couldn’t wait to tell him that they would have a baby soon! She ran through the fleet of stairs.

“Josh!” she called as she ran

 “Josh!” she burst into the room.

Her heart thumped loudly as the bed was empty.

“Josh?” she ran to the bathroom.

It was empty.

“Josh!” she called out louder

“He passed on last month…Josh is gone” His sister, Loretta spoke from the door.

Kemi turned around sharply, the tears clouding her vision.

“No…it can’t be, he knew I’d come back…he knew I couldn’t stay long without him!”

Loretta just burst into tears and Kemi knew it was true; Josh was truly gone.

In shock, Kemi slowly trudged to the spot on the bed where Josh usually lay. She gently lay on the bed and squeezed the bed sheet to her chest. She shook so hard and wept loud.


Seven months after

‘Dear Mom and Dad,
Do not search for me. I am on my way to Kenya with little Josh to begin a new life.
I am finding some peace as I see Josh in our baby’s eyes. It gives me so much joy
and I can’t wait for him to grow up to be the second most amazing man I know, for his father was the first.
I do not know if I can share my heart with another man as Josh still occupies it.
I guess Love had a price and I just couldn’t pay.
For the first time in ten years, I truly need to breathe without Josh.
See you soon.
                                                                                                                                   the end

Dear reader,

I wish we had control over our lives and as much as I love to write the happy fantasy ending, I love to snap into the other side of reality. The sad truth is life remains a mystery and so many people are going through pain, heart breaks and suffering. I have heard of situations like this and worse that I decided to put down to paper. I had to sit and put myself in Kemi’s shoes, and I realize that the same fear that gripped her, would have gripped me or any woman. Most times, the show of love is not by feelings but by the decision to stick around when no one expects us to.

We need to learn to stick around our friends, parents and partners in their trying times. Sticking around when things are good is easy-Anyone can do that, but, sticking around in the worst of situations validates the true and strongest expression of love. Never forget that!

Rock on!

Lowla Dee.


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